Teacher Appreciation Week


Teacher Appreciation Week

teacher appreciation week 2016

May 2 – May 6.

Teachers play such an important part in the life of our kids so doing a little something extra for them during Teacher Appreciation Week is a must.

I have created a Thank You Teacher Free Printable that your child can fill out and give to his/her teacher during this week.

Download my FREE printable sheet here: Thank you-free printable

To download, click the link above. It will open in another window, then right-click on it to save it to your desktop.

Once it is saved to your computer, you can print it.


Teacher appriciation week - Thank you for being a great teacher

Teacher appreciation week

Here’s another idea!

They are so easy to grow and once you make a few arrangements at home, you can take clippings to make new arrangements that will continue to bloom.

 Purchase one or a variety of mini succulents like these at your local Lowes Home Improvement or any nursery of your chose. Most of the little ones range from $1.75-$3.00. I think it’s good to mix and match different colors and textures.

If you want a less elaborate pot (or run out of time) you can always just tie the printable card on the side of the pot.  You can also use bigger pots and  If you have a bigger container, you can print the design on full sheet label paper to create a sticker and adhere to the front of your pot.  Any way you do it, your teacher will know how much they are loved.

succulents in pot

 Put together the succulent arrangement, then Download my FREE here:  This Printable Card  then place the card in the arrangement

viola, another great teacher gift!

thank you for helping me grow printable

thank you for helping me grow


Teachers are real life superheroes. They educate, innovate, encourage and support. Every day they touch the lives of millions of children and their work and impact extends far beyond the boundaries of the classroom.

teacher appreciation week 2016

 Teachers deserve some admiration and gratitude, and sometimes students need a little nudge in the right direction. Help your students discover all that teachers do with these writing and craft activities, and give them a way to say “thanks” to a special educator who made a positive difference in their lives.


Let’s talk candles

Let’s talk Candles

Whether it’s 10:00 am or 6:00 pm, Candles can make a room look fabulous ! When decorating my home I always incorporate Candles to almost every room, well not my son’s room. 🙂 As soon as I light them up, they give a nice soft look to the room.

I’m a huge fan of Partylite . There home decor is beautiful and there candles smell wonderful. Below are a few things from my Partylite collection.



This beautiful Hurricane can be used for everyday use especially through the Holiday’s.                              Just change out the decor and a new look each time!



I use them in different rooms throughout the year to give each room a different look without  spending a ton of money. I also try to host a party every once in a while to receive free products to add to my collection.


This beauty has a water fall feature, which gives a nice ambience to a room, I have placed this in my bathroom, my bedroom and also in my living room during parties or dinners.

When decorating with candles I think about what mood I’m in and add color to match!

Green is one of my favorite color, most of the time I group very earthy colors together like placing a green candle with greenery and a brown box with some white flowers in it.

One important thing when decorating is to group decor in threes.partylite candles

What I mean by that is, if you place for example a picture frame and greenery for decor, there should be one more item grouped with it, like a candle or a small picture frame.

I learned this from a home designer, she was right, I tested this out by placing two items on my night stand, it looked ok, but when I placed the third item in the group, everything just looked more uniform.