Closet Organization

Closet Organization

Closet Organization

When it comes to Closet Organizaton, think about ‘easy access’. If you’re getting ready for work, you should be able to just walk up or in to your closet and find exactly what you need right away.  For work I mainly wear flats or sandals, so I placed those in bins close to the floor so I can easily  access which pair I want to wear without having to dig through piles of shoes.

I have all of my dresses sorted by style, then pants next. My pants are sorted by color so I can choose at a glance which pair will be my choice for the day.  Closet Organization - Clothes sorting

On the other side of my closet I keep my skirts and shirts. Skirts are once again sorted by color and style. My shirts are sorted by arm length. So they start off with sleeveless, then short sleeve followed by mid-length, and last long sleeves. Even though I live in Florida, I use a lot of long sleeve shirts and cardigans because the office I’m employed at is always freezing.

Closet Organization - shoe organizing

Ah shoes… The most important collection. I store my shoes as follows.. heels and special occasion shoes are stored in clear plastic bins on my shelf above my skirts. I keep my flats and sandals in larger bins, then flip flops and slippers in cloth bins which are located on top of my dresser in my closet.

Closet Organization - Shoe Storage

Since I’m short, I keep a stool handy at all times in case I need to get to items which may be placed too high for me to reach. Closet Organization - Closet StorageI also keep my jewelry in my closet so once I have my outfit on for the day, I can just reach over and grab whatever peace of jewelry goes with my outfit. Closet Organization - Jewelry

I used ‘left over’ home decor as my Jewelry storage. My bracelets are on a small vase. I used my larger vases to hang my costume jewelry on. I also used a few small wicker baskets to places my watches in.

Closet Organization - Decorative boxes

I purchased decorative boxes from Michael’s to store my swim suits, scarves and other miscellaneous items. They are very sturdy and have velcro in the front for easy access.

Closet Organization is just the first step to feeling like you have accomplish something! Next, the Home Office.!

Below is a Printable Closet clean out checklist you can print out and get started on your Closet Organizing!

closet clean out

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