Fun DIY projects

Fun DIY projects

Fun DIY projects

Whether your style is, Rustic, Farmhouse or Contemporary, you will find some great decorating ideas throughout this site.

DIY flowers in a jar

When I was a little girl, I used to wake up every Saturday morning and dust each and every figurine I had in my bedroom.  I made sure each figure was placed back in its proper spot before leaving the room. By age 10 I found myself placing home decor items throughout my room more and more often. I found such a thrill in this! Now as an adult, I am infatuated with Home Decorating , DIY projects & decor placement.


DIY farmers market wall decor

Find Wire Baskets at The Container Store.

Here you will find ideas on how to decorate with existing decor you already have in your home. Most of the time I rearrange items from one room in another, this keeps me from going out and buying items that I don’t really need to spend the money on.



DIY jewelry organization


When purchasing inexpensive home decor, I try to up-cycle with things I find at places like Goodwill or my local Thrift Stores.