The Kid’s corner

The Kid’s corner

The Kid’s corner

This is my son’s bathroom. He loves Lego’s, so I decided to decorate his bathroom with a lego theme. I kept things simple, printed out some pictures then framed them. For the shower curtain, I found a navy blue striped curtain at Target that I felt worked well with the theme. Total cost for this project was $12.00.



I found images on Google, then added Wash your hands and Flush the Toilet

to them before printing them.


This one says , ‘Brush your teeth’. 



Here’s a great storage idea!, use some IKEA spice rack ‘s as children’s book storage. They’re $3.99 each!  you can also use these on the back of a bedroom door in an apartment. It’s a great small space trick!

ikea shelf

Cube bins are a great way to save on kids storage space. There a so many options when it comes to available colors on the material bins. Most of the time you find these on sale for $5.00 at Target. They give a clean look, yet easy for your kids to find their toys. kids storage

kids storage


I’ve started sorting my son’s Lego‘s. Went to Target today and found these storage bins on sale, $6.48 for a 4/pk. Bought 2.

I’ve sorted them by color. This way , my son can easily build without having to look through a big bin with assorted colors. The blue bin is were we are pulling each color out and sorting.